In the US, our clients’ patents and patent applications can and do find their way to proceedings in front of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)—either in proceedings adjudicating the validity of issued patents (“post-grant proceedings”), such as in inter parties review (IPR), or in proceedings deciding the patentability of pending patent applications, such as in ex parte appeals from an Examiner’s actions during patent prosecution.

Our team has winning experience for our clients in the high stakes proceedings described above. Whether its defending our clients’ patent application claims against an Examiner’s rejection during oral hearings in front of PTAB judges, or challenging a competitor’s patent during an IPR incident to litigation, we have the creativity, tenacity and vision that give our clients the advantage that can be so critical.

Finally, because PTAB proceedings are USPTO proceedings, we—as USPTO practitioners—are best-suited to represent your interests in these very important proceedings.