Whether you are a stealth-mode startup or a Fortune 500 company, it can be critical to properly structure and administer your patent portfolio to give your business the room it needs to operate effectively and succeed.

For our early-stage clients, a properly focused patent portfolio can put our clients in a strong position to raise money from investors and develop their product or service on the way to market while staving off competitors—sometimes more established than our clients—during these critical times in company development.

For our more established clients with large patent portfolios, our team constantly communicates and never loses sight of the high level view of our clients’ portfolios, noting for our clients how their latest patent applications fit in with their portfolios, discussing strategies for best-obtaining patent coverage for their latest innovations, and providing constant feedback on the contour and scope of their portfolios.

When our clients choose us for their patent application drafting and prosecution needs, our focus does not end at the boundaries of each patent application or prosecution task we complete. Instead, our team is always thinking strategically and proactively develops, with our clients, the ideal patent portfolio strategies for our clients’ business needs. We help our clients identify ways to strengthen their patent portfolios, and work with them to achieve such strength.

Our end game is not simply the issuance of patents—our end game is helping position our clients for business success, with issued patents helping situate them for that success.

Our team has years of experience analyzing patent portfolios and identifying strengths and weaknesses as part of due diligence projects for our clients, for potential investors, and the like. We also perform a similar analysis when our clients first team up with us—and for our clients that work with us on an ongoing basis (e.g., for patent application drafting and prosecution), we are constantly working with our clients’ broader portfolio strategies in mind, making sure that every action we take is consistent with, and promotes, those strategies with effectiveness and strength.