Our Goal

Our roots are in BigLaw, but we are not BigLaw. Kubota & Basol LLP (K&B) was formed to be distinctly different — free of the rigid cost structures and financial performance-focused expectations and competition that drive many law firms to seek the top of every measurable performance statistic, at the expense of their clients. We provide highest-quality patent legal services with the agility and flexibility to sustainably meet your patent needs into the future.

Challenges with Patents

The value of patents and other forms of intellectual property (IP) can be difficult to quantify. Patents, for example, can be accumulated for defensive purposes, asserted against competitors to preserve market share, licensed or sold. However, because the value of patents may not be immediately quantifiable and may be slow to materialize, technology companies must often weigh the prospective benefit of patents against the current cost of obtaining those assets. Accordingly, today’s technology companies are increasingly looking for sustainable patent legal services that larger law firms cannot provide. That is where we come in.

Our Story

All of the founding patent attorneys and patent agents at K&B formerly worked in BigLaw, specializing in patent law. We have top-notch technical and legal credentials. Our practitioners attended schools such as Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, UCLA, USC and Caltech, and all of our founding patent attorneys have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering in addition to their law degrees. We were recruited and hired by BigLaw, and have excelled under the demands of clients who seek out top practitioners for their most important patent work. We have handled—and continue to handle—a large volume of patent matters for numerous clients, including patent matters for one of the largest, most innovative technology companies in the world.

Our team has decades of combined patent law experience, with skills that have been sharpened through years of handling many thousands of patent matters. We bring those same skills to K&B, where we continue to produce the finest work product at a law firm that is accessible to a larger pool of clients.