Drafting and prosecuting patent applications is one key aspect of a quality patent prosecution practice; however, a quality practice does not end there. The approach that each of our team members takes to our clients’ patent work includes developing and executing a strategy for effectively managing our clients’ patent portfolios, tailored to each client’s needs based on their business models, competitors, innovation cycles, and other characteristics that are related to our clients’ success.

Our team is equipped to manage every aspect of our clients’ patent portfolios to ensure that those portfolios are lean, robust, and potent. We ensure global patent deadlines (both US and foreign) are timely met, and work with our numerous foreign patent practitioner colleagues around the world to optimize and tailor our clients’ patent pursuits and protections to foreign jurisdictions that are of interest to our clients.

Whether our clients’ patent portfolios are US-only, foreign-only, or a mix of both, we have the expertise and network to take portfolio management off their plates so they can put their focus where it counts the most: on their business.